Electricity: treat yourself with unlimited challenges


You won’t have to spend a penny to enjoy this treat and it’s presently on the App Store around the globe. It’s called Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores, look for it for unlimited platform-dashing rounds anytime and anywhere! This freemium app is best known for its progressive difficulty level; the challenge increases as you move in-game. However, controlling the galactic robot will also be a pretty soothing experience. Players from all age groups can actually use this app to stay entertained in times when they need it the most. It’s one of the season’s best deals, get your copy soon!



Free-to-play platform-dashing rounds to be enjoyed unlimitedly



If like thousands of gamers, you have been scouting the App Store in vain, you will now be happy to know that there is something out there! It’s free-to-play and ready to provide players with quality arcade gaming thrills. It’s indeed a mobile game and it was launched a while ago to deliver users from boredom. Unlimited rounds will be provided and since a connectivity will not always be required, it will be possible to use the app anywhere and anytime. To boot, a simple to learn gameplay has been combined with cool graphics and music; features that will surely help meet your daily need for entertainment. Look out for Electricity: A game of dashed and high scores!

Unlimited gaming for gamers who need a real challenge


You will have to admit that games without any restrictions are now pretty rare! However, with Electricity that can presently be downloaded from the App Store, players will be able to enjoy unlimited gaming. What this simply means is that in-app purchases will never spoil one’s concentration; it will always be possible to play comfortably. However, opting for Electricity will test your skills and playing can potentially hone them up. Each level will be slightly harder; more electric beams will have to be dodged. If this sounds good to you, feel free to download the title from your local iOS Store!

Unlimited gaming with tons of reflex boosting rounds

Electricity: Dash Right or Left

It’s a free mobile game and it’s also one that will provide players with unlimited gaming. As you will certainly realise, this is a pretty rare combination. Apps seen on the iOS store are normally free-to-play with several in-game restrictions or of the premium model, which means that users have to pay for them to start enjoying. However, Electricity is none of these! Prospect gamers are simply meant to download and play it for endless thrills. In addition, rounds played will all help to hone the reflexes that will be engaged. Try it out soon, you will certainly not regret it!

Unlimited gaming for players with Electricity on their smartphones

Platform Dashing

Considering that you are already an Electricity player, you certainly know how to make the most out of the game and its features! Unlimited gaming is now within easy reach, but apart from entertainment, you folks will also be able to use the app to hone several skills. The simple gameplay will take players on a platform-hopping challenge. The longer you stay alive, the more you score and this will eventually improve your chances to bag a better position on the leaderboard. The title is certainly the season’s must-have; download it for free and play for endless thrills on the go!

Unlimited gaming with Electricity installed


Considering that you have been playing Electricity daily, you certainly know that this Harissapp creation caters for unlimited gaming! This will basically mean that there will be no restrictions in-game. Users will get to play as much as they want, wherever and whenever possible! This comes as a sure advantage as folks will no longer have to wait around to enjoy their favourite pastime. To boot, gamers will be able to use the app both online and offline. This will eventually be great for those willing to practice and hone their skills. Get stuck in and go for a high score!