High score oriented gaming for those looking for a challenge


If you are ready to take up a challenge and get your name on the high score leaderboard, it’s now time to try Electricity out! Do note that this platform-dashing game is also the ideal app for those who might want a casual source of entertainment on the go. As mentioned by the developer, it will be easy to learn to play the game. However, things are likely to get complicated as you progress! The difficulty level will indeed get crazier and it will be up to you to adapt your skills to eventually overcome the challenge and make it among the top 10 players on the ranking table. Dare to play!


A reflex-testing opportunity that you cannot miss!


Reflex-testing fun

If you have been looking for a game that will give you the perfect reflex-testing workout, you will be pretty pleased with what Electricity has on offer! With this next-gen, iOS-exclusive application installed, you will soon notice that it is quite unique. It comes with a fast-paced gameplay and while it can be ideal for casual gaming sessions, the app can also cater for one’s need for a purposeful challenge. However, winning might not be the easiest task, but with practice the required skills can be honed. This will then help users reach their desired spot on the high score leaderboard. Crack on and do have fun!