Fast-paced gaming for unlimited thrills

If you are into fast-paced gaming thrills, you better try Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores out soon! The latter is a platformer from Harissapp and it can be downloaded on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. However, do ensure that you have iOS 6 or later installed! This will help you enjoy a smooth and quality experience on the go. Also note that Electricity does not require an internet connection to be played! That’s right, gamers can enjoy it anywhere and for as long as they might want to. Find the freemium title on your local App Store and have a blast!

Electricity Game


Electricity: free for those who own an iOS smartphone or tablet


Folks who are lucky enough to own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, are the only ones eligible to enjoy Electricity for endless entertainment on the go! The game is out there and it’s one that will certainly thrill those who will dare to get involved. Do note that apart from being fully compatible with most of the latest Apple devices, it also comes with a purposeful gameplay and in-app features that will surely boost the whole experience. Players will be in control of the galactic robot and keeping it safe while collecting tokens will be one’s ultimate goal. Download the app soon and brace yourself for fun on the go!

Fun and speed rounds are on offer in Electricity

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If you have been looking for fun and speed rounds on your mobile device, you will be satisfied with what Electricity has on offer! Do note that this arcade-style platformer can be installed on any of the compatible iOS smartphones or tablets listed on the title’s official download page and once this step passed, you will get to play unlimited robot-controlling rounds. Also note that this new platform-dashing game was developed to entertain folks of all age and gender. On the other hand, it is lightly monetised in order to minimise annoyance while playing. Take on the challenge and remember to have fun as you play on!

Speed gaming rounds wherever you are

Platform dashing

If you are one of those who always have the urge to do something while moving around, you will certainly be happy with Electricity installed on your iOS mobile device! Speed gaming rounds will be on offer and they will allow players to indulge themselves wherever they are and at any point of the day. This freemium app is suitable for players aged four and over and its simple gameplay can be mastered within a few tries. Practice will then help users hone their skills. Visit your local App Store now and search for this unique Harissapp creation. Unlimited fun awaits!

Speed-testing challenges wherever you are

Speed-testing challenges

Are you tired of long queues wherever you go, fed up of time-consuming trips to work or simply feel that it’s time for you to hone your reflexes? If that’s the case, Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores is here for you! The latter is a speed-testing arcade-style platformer for iOS devices and we can guarantee that it has the potential to provide users with entertainment alongside purposeful rounds that they have been looking for. Once installed, this title can turn out to be your ultimate pastime. Download it for free as soon as you possibly can and help yourself with mentally stimulating challenges wherever you are!


A speed-testing game for an adrenaline rush


The app is a bit of a different way to test your skills, but it’s one that will certainly deliver! Harissapp’s very first release is actually being described as a speed-testing game and it’s indeed the one that we are referring to right now! The title has been around for a few years now and those who have managed to try it out are a bunch of satisfied gamers. Those looking for an adrenaline rush were definitely served, but rest assured as those wanting to put their speed and reflexes to the test were also catered for. It’s one that you certainly wouldn’t mind having installed; get it now!

Electricity: an application that you can enjoy with all members of your family

Platform Dashing
Platform Dashing

If you are willing to keep your whole family entertained, why not download Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores?! This freemium app is on the iOS store and it’s a platform-hopping game that was developed to suit all members of the family. As you will notice, the title has been awarded a 4+ rating. This proves that the game has been designed to cater for the requirements of a large portion of the market. Its gameplay is easy to learn, kids will hence be able to quickly master it. Visit your local App Store for more details and to proceed with the download!