Speed-testing rounds for those who have Electricity installed

Speed-testing rounds

From the above title, you must have guessed that Electricity has a lot on offer! Unlimited speed-testing rounds are the best things that you can actually expect from this app! The mobile game holds a gameplay that is meant to be easy to learn, but it will also provide players with a real challenge. However, if you have the platform-dashing title for its speed-improving virtues, you will also be served! Simply play daily to start noticing the expected results. Get Electricity from your local App Store now and have fun as you try to conquer the Game Centre generated high score leaderboard!

Electricity: the app you need for casual fun

Electricity App
Electricity App

As you might be aware, one of the latest ways to stay entertained is to play mobile games! This season, Harissapp’s Electricity is still in line. Remember, the latter is an arcade-themed platform-dashing title. It was developed using technology often adopted by the industry’s best and it is hence meant to deliver a mobile experience that has an edge on its challengers. While using this freemium app, no internet connection will be required. To boot, there will never be any annoying notification coming up to urge you to spend in-app! How awesome is that?! You simply need it on your device to understand what it’s all about!

Endless gaming for those who are looking to be entertained


Apart from being a free-to-play game, it might help to state that Electricity also has the ability to provide users with endless gaming! What is basically means is that anyone with the app installed on their compatible iOS devices will get to play as many rounds as they want to. Sounds good, right?! As part of the developer’s will to cater for the needs of a large portion of the market, a single and one-off in-app purchase has been implemented. One will hence be able to stay entertained wherever and whenever they feel like it! If this piece of information sounds good to you, be free to check the game out on the iOS store. Enjoy!

Speed your way to the top of the high score leaderboard


If Electricity’s high score leaderboard looks like an unreachable goal, it simply means that you are not working hard enough to reach desired heights. To speed your way to the top of the chart, it will be required to practice a lot. Using the app as often as possible will indeed help a lot. This can be done anywhere; no connection to the internet will ever be necessary! Compare your feats with others and slowly, but surely work towards doing better. Do note that engaging one’s speed, reflexes and concentration will always be required. Play now and remember to share your best scores on Facebook using the in-app social features!

Unlimited gaming for players with Electricity on their smartphones

Platform Dashing

Considering that you are already an Electricity player, you certainly know how to make the most out of the game and its features! Unlimited gaming is now within easy reach, but apart from entertainment, you folks will also be able to use the app to hone several skills. The simple gameplay will take players on a platform-hopping challenge. The longer you stay alive, the more you score and this will eventually improve your chances to bag a better position on the leaderboard. The title is certainly the season’s must-have; download it for free and play for endless thrills on the go!

Speed-testing rounds for free with Electricity

Electricity: Easy-to-learn
Electricity: Easy-to-learn

It’s all free indeed, but rest assured as Electricity’s speed-testing rounds will definitely not disappoint! The gameplay was developed to meet players’ needs and once you have tested it, it will become clear to you that quality gaming is what Harissapp is all about. It might also help to point out that the game is only very lightly monetised. This basically means that microtransactions will not bother those looking to chill out and have some fun on the go! Also look out for social features, they will definitely boost your experience further. For now, go ahead and download the app to start testing your speed, reflexes, concentration and several other skills!

A speed game that can hone your reflexes

Speed  game

If you own a tactile device, it will be wise to make the most out of it! A simple tip to get started is to simply download the right apps. Many of these will actually help users hone several skills. The title that you should consider is a speed game. It’s called Electricity and players of all age can get it to refine their reflexes or to stay busy. Also note that it comes with various features to help users improve their experience. Use your Electricity app soon and notice drastic developments within days of your first round. Good luck and remember to share your thoughts in the comment section!