Endless gaming for those who are looking to be entertained


Apart from being a free-to-play game, it might help to state that Electricity also has the ability to provide users with endless gaming! What is basically means is that anyone with the app installed on their compatible iOS devices will get to play as many rounds as they want to. Sounds good, right?! As part of the developer’s will to cater for the needs of a large portion of the market, a single and one-off in-app purchase has been implemented. One will hence be able to stay entertained wherever and whenever they feel like it! If this piece of information sounds good to you, be free to check the game out on the iOS store. Enjoy!


A simple yet addictive gameplay for all

Simple Game

Have you been looking for a new addiction? Something that’s simple, but still pretty addictive? If that’s the case, you have landed on the right platform! Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores is the topic of conversation here and it is now out there for a purpose. The app is targeted at both girls and boys and players simply need to be four-years-old or more to be able to get over the platform-dashing gameplay. If you own an iPhone or iPad, now is the time to head to your local App Store to grab this freemium title. Enjoy and remember to share your experiences in the comment section!

Platform-hopping rounds that will test your speed and reflexes

Speed-testing game

In order to hone their speed and reflexes, gamers around the world can now get into a revolutionary platform-hopping experience! The latter will be seen as a free-to-play game on the iOS store and anyone with the right smartphone or tablet should be able to download it. We surely do not need to remind you folks what the name of the very special app is, but for those who are new around here, do note that you will have to type in Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores to find it on the App Store! Download it now and test your skill

An easy game with a purposeful gameplay

Electricity: Purposeful gameplay

If has been observed that mobile users are likely to prefer an easy game to a highly complicated one! Taking this into consideration, Harissapp came up with Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores. The latter released a few years ago and it still is an iOS exclusive title that most can download for free. Apart from this, it might help to point out that this app delivers a purposeful and skill-boosting gameplay. Playing will gradually hone all of the abilities engaged and one is likely to notice a difference within a few weeks only. Sounds good, right? Enjoy it soon and have a blast!

Simple gaming thrills for those with an iOS device


Fun with Electricity
Fun with Electricity

Now that you own an iOS device, you no longer need to worry about entertainment! Indeed, with a huge listing of apps within easy reach, you will only be tasked to visit your local store to spot titles that deliver simple gaming thrills. Most of these will be free, but you will definitely have to pick the best and the most purposeful ones. Our suggestion is to look out for Electricity. This freemium game is from Harissapp and it is out there to hone players’ reflexes and deliver them from boredom and stress. Testing it out is the only way to get a taste of all that’s on offer!

A simple game for casual entertainment on the go


We all need some sort of entertainment while travelling long distances or to simply keep us from getting too bored on a quiet day at home! A simple game on one’s smartphone or tablet can often help and we fully encourage you folks to opt for mobile thrills. Apps for both iOS and Android are now free and one in the like of Electricity is also exempt from harsh monetisation that’s often seen as a turn-off. Thanks to Harissapp, gamers around the globe can now get into a purposeful and fun title. Head to your local App Store to find and download it for free!

Simple and fun rounds can be played anywhere and anytime!


The app is free for anyone with an iTunes account to download and it will provide users with unlimited, simple and fun rounds on the go. That’s none other than Harissapp’s Electricity and once installed, it will be possible to enjoy it anywhere and anytime. That’s right, things will never be limited and access to the platform game will also not be restricted. If you do not have the title yet, head to your local iOS store now and download this freemium piece of entertainment on any of the listed compatible devices. More details about Electricity and its features will be seen on its App Store page and previous posts on this blog!