Score and beat Electricity’s leaderboard best

Electricity App
Electricity App

Your goal while playing Electricity is to beat your personal high score and those seen on the leaderboard! Using Electricity, the season’s craziest arcade game will be a delirious experience and folks of all ages can enjoy the app. The latter has been launched by Harissapp, and it will be seen on the App Store exclusively. When it comes to the gameplay, users will have to control a shiny robot. The creature thrive on tokens and collecting them all by dashing left or right will be the only way to score and eventually progress on the ranking table. Play now!


Score the highest possible and share it all on Facebook!


You deserve a real challenge and to be served, Electricity might be the right app! With this game, you will be tasked to score the highest possible to make it among the top 10 players seen on the leaderboard. Getting there will not be an easy journey, but if you are dedicated enough, it will definitely be possible to make it. Another pretty cool feature that you might want to look out for is the Facebook sharing option! The latter can be accessed following each round and it will actually allow you to share your feats on the social network along with a message to your pals. Try the app to discover more of it!

Score the highest possible while playing Electricity


If you have recently downloaded Harissapp’s latest mobile game and have been wondering what it’s actually all about, you will find all the information needed on this official blog! As a player it will help to know that you will be tasked to score the highest possible. To do so, you will have to collect all the coins/tokens that will be seen on the scrolling platforms. These will appear randomly and it will be up to you to guide the robot to the right direction. This will not be as simple as it might seem though, the game is a real challenge and a place on the leaderboard will only go to the toughest and most determined dasher!