A platform-running game for speed-loving freaks

Platform dashing

If like many thrill seekers out there, you are looking for something that will give you a real adrenaline rush, you will be pleased to know that you are reading the right post and visiting the perfect blog! Indeed, this is an official page for what’s probably one of the coolest platform-running games around. The latter can be downloaded from the App Store and anyone with an iPhone or iPad can have it for free. A restless robot will have to be controlled once in-game and the challenge will be to find a balance while also working on your precision, speed and concentration. Trying the app out is the only way to figure things out!


A run game for players with good reflexes

Run game

If you have really good reflexes and feel like showing them off, Harissapp’s run game will certainly help you out! The latter is called Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores and it can be downloaded from any App Store. The title’s fast-paced platform-running gameplay has been developed with thrill seekers in mind. Hence, both entertainment and an adrenaline rush can be expected while playing. Anyone can give it a go, but those with honed reflexes will certainly have an edge on their fellow players. Play the game soon, and once done, remember to share your thoughts in the comment section seen underneath each posts on this blog. Enjoy!

Platform-running for gamers of all age

Fun with Electricity
Fun with Electricity

Considering that most games now come with an age restriction, it will be wise to pick something with the right rating if you are looking for family entertainment. Harissapp might have what it takes to meet your requirements and it’s with the help of its platform-running game! As you will see on the App Store, the title holds a 4+ rating. This basically confirms that anyone aged four and over can play Electricity. Its gameplay is easy to learn, and simple controls will assist players as they try to dash to the left or right. Find the application in your local market and get started soon for unlimited thrills!

A run game that will task players to save a robot



As an Electricity player, you will have a specific goal! Playing this run game might be easy, but it certainly isn’t without a purpose. Once the first round started, folk will quickly realise that a robot will have to be saved. The latter might look tough, but its life will constantly be at risk. The electric beams will be the game’s only danger and playing while being aware that these spoilers will always be around can certainly help! When it comes to actually keeping the character alive, gamers simply need to stay on the scrolling platforms and collect coins to move to the next round. Play now!


Run across platforms to collect coins


For a simple game that will also deliver a lot of fun, it would be wise to check Harissapp’s coolest release out! It’s now on the App Store and all you will be tasked to do is to run across platforms to collect coins. Do note that this will also be the only way to score for a better place on the leaderboard. One more thing to remember is that tokens that are to be picked will appear randomly; staying alert will certainly help those looking to bag a place on the top 10 chart! Give it a go soon and experience the thrills!

An arcade game that will deliver you from boredom

play-electricityYou cannot allow yourself to feel bored when there are so many activities that you can get into! The minimum you can do when in a sticky and draggy situation is to stay entertained and our suggestion is to download a really cool arcade game on your phone! Considering that this is an official Electricity post, why not start with this particular app?! You will certainly not regret the decision as you will get to enjoy unlimited rounds as soon as the title is installed your device. Things are likely to get pretty addictive, and if you are a competitive person you will find yourself in a fierce race for the leaderboard’s top spot!


A run game for players of all ages and for free!

Run Game

Whatever your age, you can surely play Harissapp’s latest run game if you can use a smartphone or tablet! The title to look out for is called Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores and it can be downloaded for free. Simply visit a local App Store and type in the name to find the perfect title to play on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The gameplay will actually turn out to be pretty addictive, but it’s totally up to you to set your limits while also keeping the high score leaderboard in mind. Get started and have a blast on the go!