A run game that will work your reflexes and speed

Beat Electricity high scores

If it’s been awhile since you last played on your mobile, it is certainly not too late to get back at it! A run game in the likes of Electricity is a great app to start with. Apart from being free-to-play, this title is known for its ability to work players’ reflexes and speed. To get a taste of it all, one simply need to have it installed on their tactile devices. To play, just launch the app and start tapping on the left or right button on time. Regular rounds will only make you better and get you a rank on the high score leaderboard. Enjoy!



Play endlessly to improve your in-game skills

Platform Dashing
Platform Dashing

If you have been wondering if you will ever make it among the best players seen on the high score leaderboard, you will surprised to learn that it’s all up to you! Indeed, all you will need to do is to play endlessly to improve your in-game skills. Playing will help train your reflexes, speed and concentration. In the long run, you will simply notice that you can go for better scores and overcome tougher levels. Also remember that Electricity can be used unlimitedly and since no connection is required to get stuck in, you can enjoy without any restrictions. Have fun!


The robot will have to be saved to win!

Save the robot!

To win in Electricity, players will only have to carry a very simple task out! The latter will be all about saving the robot. It might look pretty tough, but its life actually lies on a thread. Be careful, a slip will kill it on the spot and this will also end the round. For a high score, players will hence need some skills. These will have to be engaged to be able to keep the character alive for the longest possible time! By practicing daily, one should be able to hone the required abilities. Do not waste more time, start playing now!

The robot has to be saved and in Electricity you will be in control!

Platform dashing

If you feel like doing something heroic, you should probably launch your Electricity app and save the galactic robot seen in-game! That’s right, the latter is pretty vulnerable, as you know, and it will require your assistance to make it pass the levels. Using the simple and responsive touch-controls, you will be tasked to move it to the left or right, to guide it onto the safest platforms. It will also be wise to remember to collect coins that will be seen on the way to score and eventually get to make a place on the ranking table. Be a hero, now!

The robot will take you on an electrifying adventure

Meet the galactic robot in Electricity

If you have a passion for arcade-platformer games, you will definitely enjoy controlling the robot seen within Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores. This App Store-exclusive mobile title will provide you with an electrifying adventure and being the best will be the only chance for you to ever make it on the top 10 chart. This app features only one character and his speed and carelessness will often put him into serious trouble. However, your task will be to keep him safe at all times and to do so, simple and responsive touch controls have been implemented. Use them right and have a blast!


The Galactic Robot is ready for the race!

RobotFor a challenge that will really test your reaction and speed, you will be pleased to discover Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores! The app features a Galactic Robot and the latter is ready for the race of its life! Indeed, this alien creature can barely stand still and you will be tasked to control its moves while trying to keep it alive for as long as possible. Direct it towards the score-boosting coins and simply have an eye on the lethal electric beams to avoid sudden death. Get into it now and race to the top of the leaderboard while focusing on beating records!