A run game for players with good reflexes

Run game

If you have really good reflexes and feel like showing them off, Harissapp’s run game will certainly help you out! The latter is called Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores and it can be downloaded from any App Store. The title’s fast-paced platform-running gameplay has been developed with thrill seekers in mind. Hence, both entertainment and an adrenaline rush can be expected while playing. Anyone can give it a go, but those with honed reflexes will certainly have an edge on their fellow players. Play the game soon, and once done, remember to share your thoughts in the comment section seen underneath each posts on this blog. Enjoy!

Run across scrolling platforms to escape deadly electric beams

Arcade App

If there is one thing that you might want to remember while playing Electricity, it’s the fact that the electric beams will always be around to zap your character. In the first few rounds, they have been placed at the top and bottom of the screen. One will be advised to run carefully; getting too high or low will hence electrocute the robot and end one’s chances to be placed higher on the high score leaderboard. Also note that the scrolling platforms will start to move faster as one progresses in-game. This is part of the developer’s move to make things more challenging and purposeful, and it certainly worked out pretty well! Check it out for yourse

Unlimited gaming with tons of reflex boosting rounds

Electricity: Dash Right or Left

It’s a free mobile game and it’s also one that will provide players with unlimited gaming. As you will certainly realise, this is a pretty rare combination. Apps seen on the iOS store are normally free-to-play with several in-game restrictions or of the premium model, which means that users have to pay for them to start enjoying. However, Electricity is none of these! Prospect gamers are simply meant to download and play it for endless thrills. In addition, rounds played will all help to hone the reflexes that will be engaged. Try it out soon, you will certainly not regret it!

Endless-running for tons of fun on the go

Endless Running

If you need entertainment on the go, you will be glad to know that you have now been served! Electricity is a cool game and it can be seen on the App Store. Its endless-running gameplay will certainly meet the needs of those looking for entertainment. To get started, one will simply be required to download the app for free. Also, note that it will be totally safe for folks of all ages to get stuck in. It was found to be suitable for younger players. Indeed, a 4+ rating is seen on the title’s iTunes page and this confirms that it has been tested. Wait no more; play Electricity soon!

Electricity: you will hone your reflexes and speed by playing the game!



Have you ever thought about the simplest way to improve your speed and reflexes? Physical exercise can help, but what about something that’s simpler and cheaper?! Electricity is an amazing mobile app that can actually turn out to be pretty useful! The latter is a free-to-play platform game with a fast-paced gameplay. Once into it, users will engage in rounds that will consist of controlling an alien-looking robot. The character will have to stay alive for the longest possible time; this will be the only way to finally achieve a high score. Take up the challenge now and play to gradually improve all the abilities involved.


Casual reflex-boosting rounds for free

Share your Electricity score

For a casual reflex-boosting pastime, all you will be required to do is download Electricity on any of the compatible iOS smartphones or tablets listed on the iTunes page. Once done, you will bag yourself an amazing tool; one that can also be used to hone and assess your ability to perform certain in-game moves. When it comes to the gameplay, it will be all about dashing left or right by quickly pressing on buttons seen on the screen. Do note that these are fully reliable touch controls that have been glitch free till date. Play endlessly to test your reflexes!

Reflex-boosting rounds for iPhone gamers


For an app that will provide you with a real reflex boost, it will be wise to consider what Electricity has in reserve! The latter is an iOS exclusive game and it will offer users with original platform-dashing thrills. It comes with a fast-paced gameplay and while it will soon be clear that the title is for casual gaming, the app will also cater for your need to find the ideal challenge. Conquering the high score leaderboard will be players’ ultimate task. However, practice can perfect the skills required and it will hence be wise to play daily to improve one’s reflexes, concentration and speed. Good luck!