Reflex-testing gaming rounds offered by Harissapp

Reflex-testing thrills

If you haven’t heard about Harissapp yet, now is the time to discover its works. One of the coolest releases is none other than Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores. This reflex-testing title is a freemium and it will be seen on the App Store exclusively. The gameplay is what makes it special; players will get to endlessly try to beat high scores seen on the leaderboard. Even if this task will not be an impossible one, folks will still have to engage their reflexes, concentration, speed and patience to achieve anything. Try Electricity out soon and enjoy without limitations!



Entertaining platform-dashing rounds for free

Play Electricity and relax

If you have been looking for a fun mobile game, consider yourself lucky! You have now found the right one and it is our all-time favourite, Electricity. Entertaining platform-dashing rounds will be accessible as soon as the application is installed on a compatible device. To boot, it’s worth mentioning that the game is totally free to download. In-app, users will only come across a single microtransaction; one that can be used to upgrade for the premium version. Do not wait any longer, visit your local App Store now and search the season’s coolest platformer for endless thrills, wherever you are.

Mobile gaming for kids and adults

Platform Dashing
Platform Dashing

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you are still allowed to have some fun in your spare time! Nowadays, things have evolved and entertainment is more accessible than ever. When needed the most, mobile gaming is one of best tools used to stay busy. Freemium games like Electricity or titles from other genres are often downloaded from the App Store, and as you will soon realise, they can indeed provide users with lots of fun. When it comes to the platformer discussed on this blog, it will certainly help to point out that it can be used without having to worry about limits. Endless rounds can be played; high scores will only be reached with practice!

Unlimited rounds for gamers who have Electricity installed


Unrestricted and unlimited rounds await! All you are required to do is install Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores on any of the compatible iOS devices that you might own. Once done, you should be ready to start enjoying your free time in a totally different way! As a player, you will be tasked to use your reflexes, speed, concentration and patience to keep the in-game robot alive. The latter is a fast-moving creature; things will hence turn into a real challenge a few seconds into the round. However, playing will still be super fun and you can even expect to get addicted to this new activity!

Free unlimited gaming for those who own an iPhone


Millions of us now own an iPhone and the reason behind such a craze is certainly not the price of the device! It actually offers a high quality mobile experience and that’s something that we all seek. On the other hand, games for phones are highly demanded and the App Store has the potential to deliver free unlimited gaming to everyone who owns an iPhone or iPad. This season, we suggest that you try Electricity out! The latter is a free platformer and once installed, players will certainly bag a purposeful game. Read more about the title on this official blog and remember to comment below if you ever require more specific details!


Dash from left to right and have unlimited fun on the go

Play Electricity

If you recently downloaded Electricity the dash game on your mobile device, it will be wise to learn the basics. Since we talk about a platformer, you must have guessed that jumping around and collecting coins will both be part of the action! A robotic character will have to be controlled; it will only be able to dash to the right or left. However, to move through the levels, it will help to quickly learn how to get past obstacles. These will take the form of electric beams and they will be the character’s deadliest enemies! With the possibility to play unlimitedly, you will certainly have enough time to hone your skills. Good luck!

Challenge your pals and beat their Electricity high scores

Beat Electricity high scores

Folks with Electricity installed on their tactile devices are up for a real challenge! Indeed, apart from providing players with casual gaming on the go, it will also be possible for them to compete each other for the leaderboard’s top 10 rank. However, it will be wise to ensure that you have mastered the gameplay and have the required skills. Here is a check list to consider:

  • Good reflexes,
  • Speed,
  • Ability to stay focused,
  • Fine vision and
  • Patience.

If you tick all the boxes, consider yourself ready to engage and beat the high scores that are presently topping the ranking chart. Good luck and do have a blast!