Speed gaming rounds wherever you are

Platform dashing

If you are one of those who always have the urge to do something while moving around, you will certainly be happy with Electricity installed on your iOS mobile device! Speed gaming rounds will be on offer and they will allow players to indulge themselves wherever they are and at any point of the day. This freemium app is suitable for players aged four and over and its simple gameplay can be mastered within a few tries. Practice will then help users hone their skills. Visit your local App Store now and search for this unique Harissapp creation. Unlimited fun awaits!


Casual gaming for free and for iOS users exclusively

Electricity App
Electricity App

As an iOS user, you have the exclusive privilege of getting Electricity on your mobile device! This app can be downloaded for free and it’s ideal for those who might fancy some casual gaming on the go. However, as earlier mentioned, only folks with a compatible iPhone or iPad are eligible to get the app. Harissapp has still not yet released a second port and an announcement will certainly be made as soon as this is done in the near future. For now, simply have fun chasing coins and remember to keep an eye on this page for the latest in terms of updates, tips and advice.

Electricity tips for beginners and professionals on the game’s Facebook page


Those who need a few tips and advice can consult Electricity’s official social network pages! However, if there is one platform that has been around since the beginning and that you folks can eventually rely on, it will have to be the title’s official Facebook page. The latter has been specially created for players and posts hence cover topics that you will certainly want to read about! Daily shares will also deal with the latest-released apps, updates, new technology, reviews, announcements and tips & tweaks to improve your overall Electricity experience. Simply click on the “Like” button for the latest!


A dash game for both adults and kids

Electricity App

Considering that our kids tend to use our smartphone or tablet more than we actually do ourselves, it will be wise to download apps that will also meet their needs! Electricity is a simple dash game with a gameplay that can be enjoyed without any limit. Its developers have considered the needs of players of all ages and they eventually came up with an app that even four-year-old kids can enjoy. As described on the App Store, this platform-dashing game is “simple to learn, but hard to master.” Once installed, you will have a blast with the whole family; give it a go!

Endless platformer rounds for gaming on the go

Endless Platfomer

You have certainly been straining your eyes in a move to try and find an unlimited source of entertainment! However, with Electricity on App Stores, endless platformer rounds await! That’s right, with this game on the go, you will always be entertained. Players can enjoy for hours without having to worry about in-app purchases or any other limitations. Also note that Electricity’s gameplay is meant to be easy enough for anyone within the age limit; the title’s 4+ rating on the iOS store is supposed to reassure folks who might be interested in the game. Waste no time, join the community for a blast!

Electricity: discover the games social features for even more fun

Electricity App

Being tagged as a braggart is certainly not very complimenting. However, you shouldn’t have to worry if you are giving your pals an excessive dose of Electricity updates on Facebook! The in-game social feature is indeed meant to be used to your very own advantage. Sharing your high scores on the social network can actually attract new players, and some attention from the ladies… if you are lucky! Do note that the Facebook sharing option seen in-app can be used as soon as a round ends and it will allow users to brag about their feats by adding a comment to each post. This can be a lot of fun!



A fun game with social features that will boost players’ enjoyment


For a fun game on the go, you will be pleased to learn that there are various reasons why downloading Electricity, the arcade game, on your smartphone or tablet can probably be the best idea. Some of these are:

  • It encourages social interactions,
  • It helps players improve several skills,
  • It’s great for relaxation and fun on the go,
  • The gameplay can give players an adrenaline rush.

Once downloaded, regular rounds will be the only way to make the most out of this iOS exclusive mobile app. Waste no time, and have Electricity on any of the compatible smartphones or tablets to get started!