Electricity is the game to play during casual pastime

The developers from Harissapp took into consideration quality gaming when designing Electricity. The app that they delivered not only has amazing graphics with an addictive gameplay, but is a good option for those looking for a casual pastime. Though it is simple to play, it might be really challenging if you are trying to finish the achievements and climb up the ladder. You do not have to keep your personal record for yourself in this arcade game, Electricity gives the opportunity to share your score on Facebook. What a better way to brag among your friends about your reflexes and speed!

Electricity: free platform game


iOS exclusive thrills for players aged four and over

Electricity App
Electricity App

If you are an iOS gamer, you are also among the privileged ones to be able to download Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores on your mobile devices. This app has been tested by Apple’s sensor team and it was eventually awarded with a 4+ rating. The title’s easy to learn gameplay was one of the assessed aspects; it will certainly meet the needs of those playing. Players will be tasked to control a fast-moving robot and it might also help to point out that once on the move, it will be pretty hard to stop it. Take up the challenge!

iOS device owners can download Electricity


Anyone with a compatible iOS device can freely download Electricity! May it be on a smartphone or tablet, this platform-dashing game will work perfectly to deliver tons of fun on the go. The eligible devices will include the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! However, do note these Apple products will need iOS 6.0 or later installed and about 50.7 MB of free memory space to avoid in-app glitches. To get started, visit your local App Store now! The 4/5 star rated game is listed among the freemium gaming apps; gamers aged four and over will all be able to enjoy it. Once tested, remember to share your thoughts in the comment section!

A platformer for those with an iOS device

Fun with Electricity
Fun with Electricity

If you own an iOS device, you can now download Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores for free. The latter is a platformer that was earlier released by Harissapp and it now has thousands of players across the globe. Do note that most common smartphones or tablets can hold the title without major issues. Some of these include the:

  • iPhone,
  • iPad, and
  • iPod touch.

Simply ensure that iOS 6.0 or later is installed for your device to run Electricity smoothly. More compatibility details can be seen on the iTunes page! Download the app now and get stuck in for purposeful platform-dashing rounds on the go. Endless gaming awaits!

Electricity: an easy to learn platformer for tons of fun


You probably did not know it, but Electricity’s hard to master gameplay is totally justifiable! As you must have noticed, purposeful gaming on mobile is now pretty rare! Harissapp was hence keen to provide something that meets the needs of players. Once into it, you will have to successfully dash across fast moving elevators to pass the first round. Overcoming this stage might be tough; it can possibly take several tries! The second round reverses the platform’s direction, urging gamers to quickly adapt to stay alive. This is meant to challenge one’s skills and it eventually makes things more exciting. It will still be easy to learn and great fun!

Mobile fun with Electricity on your iOS devices

Platform dashing

It doesn’t matter if you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, playing Electricity on mobile will always be fun! The gameplay has been designed to be is exactly the same on all iOS devices and it will most definitely be purposeful enough. Also note that gamers with any of the above mentioned smartphones or tablet are still the only ones to be able to benefit from entertainment that this cool app has on offer. Compatibility will also not be an issue and one of the best things, is that the arcade game is free to be downloaded and enjoyed unlimitedly. Get Electricity now for new thrills wherever you are!

An iOS exclusive run game for everyone to play

Electricity App

App Stores around the world are now hosting an amazing game! Any compatible iOS device will be able to hold Electricity and what is has on offer is pretty original. A run game is what it is and playing will be all about dashing from one elevator to the other in a move to catch tokens. These will boost the score and with time it will eventually be possible to make a place among the best players listed on the high score leaderboard. An easy-to-learn gameplay will make Electricity accessible to all. Simply have it on your smartphone or tablet to get stuck in!