Challenge your pals and beat their Electricity high scores

Beat Electricity high scores

Folks with Electricity installed on their tactile devices are up for a real challenge! Indeed, apart from providing players with casual gaming on the go, it will also be possible for them to compete each other for the leaderboard’s top 10 rank. However, it will be wise to ensure that you have mastered the gameplay and have the required skills. Here is a check list to consider:

  • Good reflexes,
  • Speed,
  • Ability to stay focused,
  • Fine vision and
  • Patience.

If you tick all the boxes, consider yourself ready to engage and beat the high scores that are presently topping the ranking chart. Good luck and do have a blast!


Play endlessly to improve your in-game skills

Platform Dashing
Platform Dashing

If you have been wondering if you will ever make it among the best players seen on the high score leaderboard, you will surprised to learn that it’s all up to you! Indeed, all you will need to do is to play endlessly to improve your in-game skills. Playing will help train your reflexes, speed and concentration. In the long run, you will simply notice that you can go for better scores and overcome tougher levels. Also remember that Electricity can be used unlimitedly and since no connection is required to get stuck in, you can enjoy without any restrictions. Have fun!


Hop fast to collect tokens and beat Electricity’s high scores

Beat high scores

If you are looking for thrills, you will be well served with Electricity installed on your iOS device! As a players, you will be tasked to hop fast to collect tokens and avoid deadly electric beams. However, your ultimate goal will be to achieve a high score. Round after round, you will have to keep chasing your leaderboard challengers. These folks take the game very seriously and getting better is all that matters to them! It will hence be wise to keep up and train to join the endless race for the top spot on the ranking table. Get started soon if you have some time to spare!


Platform-running tips and advice from the best!

Electricity: Easy-to-learn
Electricity: Easy-to-learn

As an Electricity player, it will be smart of you to stay tuned with everything that is to do with your favourite game! In a move to help you out, the developer ensured that platform-running tips and advice are easily available. The information will be seen on official pages such as blogs, social networks and so on. New content is added every day and these will cover essential details for gamers to use to improve their performances. Also note that information seen on the game’s official platforms comes from reliable sources and it will be wise to make good use of it all!

Speed your way to the top of the high score leaderboard


If Electricity’s high score leaderboard looks like an unreachable goal, it simply means that you are not working hard enough to reach desired heights. To speed your way to the top of the chart, it will be required to practice a lot. Using the app as often as possible will indeed help a lot. This can be done anywhere; no connection to the internet will ever be necessary! Compare your feats with others and slowly, but surely work towards doing better. Do note that engaging one’s speed, reflexes and concentration will always be required. Play now and remember to share your best scores on Facebook using the in-app social features!

Unlimited gaming with tons of reflex boosting rounds

Electricity: Dash Right or Left

It’s a free mobile game and it’s also one that will provide players with unlimited gaming. As you will certainly realise, this is a pretty rare combination. Apps seen on the iOS store are normally free-to-play with several in-game restrictions or of the premium model, which means that users have to pay for them to start enjoying. However, Electricity is none of these! Prospect gamers are simply meant to download and play it for endless thrills. In addition, rounds played will all help to hone the reflexes that will be engaged. Try it out soon, you will certainly not regret it!

High scores will matter as you play Electricity


If you have decided to play Electricity in your spare time, you’d better take it seriously! The game is all about high scores and as a gamer, such an achievement will certainly give you a lot of personal satisfaction! However, a place on the leaderboard will not be reserved for each player! Folks will have to struggle for it, but rest assured, it’s all fun and games! A few tips to remember while playing will be to stay concentrated and to use your speed and reflexes wisely. For now, keep enjoying it all without forgetting that you need your nickname among the leaderboard’s top 10!