Electricity is the game to play during casual pastime

The developers from Harissapp took into consideration quality gaming when designing Electricity. The app that they delivered not only has amazing graphics with an addictive gameplay, but is a good option for those looking for a casual pastime. Though it is simple to play, it might be really challenging if you are trying to finish the achievements and climb up the ladder. You do not have to keep your personal record for yourself in this arcade game, Electricity gives the opportunity to share your score on Facebook. What a better way to brag among your friends about your reflexes and speed!

Electricity: free platform game


Electricity: practice to improve your score

The designer of the game, Harissapp, made the game Electricity in such a way that it is not easy to climb the ladder. The game’s difficulty level increases as you progress and it never stops. This is the main reason why it requires practice in order to improve your score. Simple random tapping on the screen will not make you a champion in Electricity. The more you play the better you will become. Forget the surroundings and focus on the game. The application gives you the opportunity to share your score on Facebook. Do not hesitate to post your personal record!

Electricity: a free-to-play game

Play endlessly to improve your in-game skills

Platform Dashing
Platform Dashing

If you have been wondering if you will ever make it among the best players seen on the high score leaderboard, you will surprised to learn that it’s all up to you! Indeed, all you will need to do is to play endlessly to improve your in-game skills. Playing will help train your reflexes, speed and concentration. In the long run, you will simply notice that you can go for better scores and overcome tougher levels. Also remember that Electricity can be used unlimitedly and since no connection is required to get stuck in, you can enjoy without any restrictions. Have fun!


Platform-running tips and advice from the best!

Electricity: Easy-to-learn
Electricity: Easy-to-learn

As an Electricity player, it will be smart of you to stay tuned with everything that is to do with your favourite game! In a move to help you out, the developer ensured that platform-running tips and advice are easily available. The information will be seen on official pages such as blogs, social networks and so on. New content is added every day and these will cover essential details for gamers to use to improve their performances. Also note that information seen on the game’s official platforms comes from reliable sources and it will be wise to make good use of it all!

Freemium gaming from Harissapp

Electricity on the App Store

They might be new to the industry, but Harissapp developers definitely know what they want! Following an analysis of present trends in the market, it became clear that freemium gaming was the most popular among mobile users. The released app was eventually a free-to-play and it was named Electricity. The app has been around for nearly two years and most of you have certainly heard about it. Do note that the platformer holds a single in-app purchase; to be used to remove ads. Making the move can possibly enhance the overall experience, but it’s totally optional. Try the game out to test this original source of entertainment on the go!


Harissapp cares about players: express yourselves on official platforms

Electricity App
Electricity App

It might be an emerging studio, but Harissapp certainly knows how to handle players! Since the release of its initial game on the App Store the developer has been doing its best to cater for needs of existing and future users. Regular updates have improved Electricity as requested and through posts on its official blog and social pages, everyone has been informed of all positive changes that came up. However, it will be beneficial if players were to express themselves even more! Indeed, by simply leaving comments or reviewing the experience on the available platforms one will also get to help the online community. Do your share and keep having fun!

Electricity is Harissapp’s coolest creation till date

Electricity: A Harissapp Game

Cool games will normally cost you a lot, but when it comes to Harissapp’s latest release, you will not have to spend a penny to download and play it. That’s right, Electricity is free-to-play and this literally means that players will not be required to go through a microtransaction before they can actually get stuck it. Furthermore, folks will also not be disturbed by the presence of in-app purchases. Apart from the one that removes ads, none will ever be seen and this also makes the platformer a safe source of entertainment for younger gamers. Electricity definitely has to be the app of the season!