High score challenges for everyone!

High Score Challenges

Whether you are retired, a cab driver, an office worker or a school kid, you can all enjoy playing high score challenges on the go! This is mostly possible thanks to a game that has been around for a while now and if you feel like looking for it, simply type in Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores. This will lead you to the app’s official download page and once there, it will be yours by clicking on a single button. The best thing with this platformer is that its gameplay is easy to learn. However, it’s challenging enough to keep you going for years. Give it a go soon and do enjoy yourself!


Casual gaming for free and for iOS users exclusively

Electricity App
Electricity App

As an iOS user, you have the exclusive privilege of getting Electricity on your mobile device! This app can be downloaded for free and it’s ideal for those who might fancy some casual gaming on the go. However, as earlier mentioned, only folks with a compatible iPhone or iPad are eligible to get the app. Harissapp has still not yet released a second port and an announcement will certainly be made as soon as this is done in the near future. For now, simply have fun chasing coins and remember to keep an eye on this page for the latest in terms of updates, tips and advice.

Speed-testing challenges wherever you are

Speed-testing challenges

Are you tired of long queues wherever you go, fed up of time-consuming trips to work or simply feel that it’s time for you to hone your reflexes? If that’s the case, Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores is here for you! The latter is a speed-testing arcade-style platformer for iOS devices and we can guarantee that it has the potential to provide users with entertainment alongside purposeful rounds that they have been looking for. Once installed, this title can turn out to be your ultimate pastime. Download it for free as soon as you possibly can and help yourself with mentally stimulating challenges wherever you are!


Electricity: discover the games social features for even more fun

Electricity App

Being tagged as a braggart is certainly not very complimenting. However, you shouldn’t have to worry if you are giving your pals an excessive dose of Electricity updates on Facebook! The in-game social feature is indeed meant to be used to your very own advantage. Sharing your high scores on the social network can actually attract new players, and some attention from the ladies… if you are lucky! Do note that the Facebook sharing option seen in-app can be used as soon as a round ends and it will allow users to brag about their feats by adding a comment to each post. This can be a lot of fun!



A fun game with social features that will boost players’ enjoyment


For a fun game on the go, you will be pleased to learn that there are various reasons why downloading Electricity, the arcade game, on your smartphone or tablet can probably be the best idea. Some of these are:

  • It encourages social interactions,
  • It helps players improve several skills,
  • It’s great for relaxation and fun on the go,
  • The gameplay can give players an adrenaline rush.

Once downloaded, regular rounds will be the only way to make the most out of this iOS exclusive mobile app. Waste no time, and have Electricity on any of the compatible smartphones or tablets to get started!

Run left or right to survive Electricity rounds

Electricity App

It is indeed that simple to play Electricity! This tap-controlled game from Harissapp is going to be all about beating high scores. The robotic character will have to run left or right, but rest assured as the challenge will be real. By successfully dashing in the safest direction and collecting ten tokens, it will be possible to move things to the next level. Also note that the rounds will get harder and players need to adapt to a new movement pattern following each round. Surviving for the longest amount of time possible will certainly get you on the leaderboard. Aim high and take up the challenge now!

A speed-testing game for an adrenaline rush


The app is a bit of a different way to test your skills, but it’s one that will certainly deliver! Harissapp’s very first release is actually being described as a speed-testing game and it’s indeed the one that we are referring to right now! The title has been around for a few years now and those who have managed to try it out are a bunch of satisfied gamers. Those looking for an adrenaline rush were definitely served, but rest assured as those wanting to put their speed and reflexes to the test were also catered for. It’s one that you certainly wouldn’t mind having installed; get it now!