Speed, reflexes, concentration work them all out with Electricity

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If you have been looking for a multi-purpose app for your mobile, Electricity might be the perfect one! Apart from providing players with a fun gameplay, it will also engage their speed, reflexes and concentration. Users will control a robot and by pressing on on-screen buttons, it will be possible to move the character to the left or right to avoid getting zapped by electric beams. Do note that these deadly bolts will be present at the bottom and top of the arena; touching any of them will kill the robot and end the round. Sounds pretty cruel, right!? However, rest assured as this certainly adds to the challenge. Try Electricity out soon!


Fast-paced thrills for iOS gamers exclusively

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If you are an iOS gamer looking for an adrenaline rush, you will definitely be served right with Electricity installed on your mobile. This Harissapp creation offers a fast-paced experience to folks with a compatible device. However, also note that this title has been exclusively designed to work on Apple-made smartphones or tablets. As a player, you will get to enjoy a speed-honing gameplay. While controlling the character, one will also be urged to look for coins that are meant to boost the score. Collect them all and stay alive for a personal best that can possibly land you on the leaderboard. Good luck!

Fast and exciting rounds on offer with Electricity

Electricity App

For a well-deserved adrenaline rush, iOS gamers can presently download Electricity on their smartphones or tablets. The latter is an app that everyone can use for free; fast and exciting rounds will be on offer! The gameplay has been conceptualised with the thrill-seekers in mind; it will hence provide lots of excitement and unlimited mobile gaming. Do note that anyone aged four or more can try this title out; it will certainly entertain on the go. To boot, it’s very moderately monetised to avoid distraction or unnecessary in-game disturbances. Think no more, rush it for your own copy of Electricity!

Electricity: play unlimitedly for more fun



Unlike many other titles that can now be seen on the App Store, Electricity does not come with all sorts of restrictions. The game is genuinely unlimited and microtransactions will certainly not slow things down. Do note that the goal of this quest will be to reach the top of the leaderboard. To allow users to get there, it was considered essential to let them enjoy themselves freely, without any limit. One will hence notice that it will be impossible to run out of life or time. Wait no more, simply get in-game and play as much as you want for a great mobile experience!

The leaderboard has to be conquered in Electricity!

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With Electricity installed on your iOS smartphone or tablet, you must have realised that the game is all about conquering the leaderboard! Getting there will be a player’s ultimate goal. However, it would be wise to remember that the one’s task will not always be easy! The game will be a real challenge and only the most skilled and dedicated players will get over it. Let’s not forget that playing will also be a fun and casual experience on the go. It will be possible to access the game anywhere and anytime; this will then cater for one’s entertainment needs at all times!

Fast-paced platform-dashing rounds to be played for free

Electricity App
Electricity App

The season’s best piece of entertainment will surely boost your day while keeping you busy as you move around! We obviously refer to Harissapp’s very own fast-paced app and it’s one that you need on your device right now! Electricity is the name to remember for fun on the go. To boot, it offers a platform-dashing gameplay that can get really addictive. Players will engage in a pretty simple task; control a fast-moving robot. The latter has to collect a maximum number of tokens to score and eventually move to the next round. Get the application for free to fill your spare time!