Arcade platformer enjoyment for those who meet Electricity’s requirements

Platform dashing

Like any other games that you can now download for your smartphone or tablet, Electricity also has some requirements that will have to be met by compatible devices. However, there is nothing to worry about as the arcade platformer was developed to fit in easily and with a few steps only. Some of the prerequisites that you will see listed on iTunes are:

  1. A compatible device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch),
  2. An OS 6.0 or later installed,
  3. At least 45.0 MB of free space on the device and
  4. An internet connection (optional).

To learn more about this platform-dashing title, simply visit your App Store or official Electricity blogs and social pages. Once tested, remember to share your thoughts in the comment section!

Arcade-themed gaming thrills within a next-gen app

Arcade-themed gaming

The most important features that a mobile game needs to make it among the highest-rated titles are its in-app options. When it comes to Electricity, it’s an app that delivers arcade-themed gaming and it is often described as one of the best to have been launched in recent years! Basic and simple features have been included to provide players with an incredible mobile experience. The freemium title comes with in-built options like:

  • Language settings,
  • Volume adjustment,
  • Social sharing and many more.

Download the game on any compatible iOS device to test these next-gen perks and to enjoy an unlimited source of entertainment. You will certainly have a blast!

Free-to-play platform-dashing rounds to be enjoyed unlimitedly



If like thousands of gamers, you have been scouting the App Store in vain, you will now be happy to know that there is something out there! It’s free-to-play and ready to provide players with quality arcade gaming thrills. It’s indeed a mobile game and it was launched a while ago to deliver users from boredom. Unlimited rounds will be provided and since a connectivity will not always be required, it will be possible to use the app anywhere and anytime. To boot, a simple to learn gameplay has been combined with cool graphics and music; features that will surely help meet your daily need for entertainment. Look out for Electricity: A game of dashed and high scores!

A minimalist casual game for folks with an iPad or iPhone


By now, you must have heard about Electricity if you are an active mobile gamer! It’s a minimalist casual game developed by Harissapp and it will be seen on the App Store exclusively. Do note that devices like the iPad and iPhone can both run the app without any issues. The title will offer a real challenge to folks who have been looking for it. Players will have to guide a fast-moving galactic robot; simple controls will have to be used to help it as it dashes left or right, collecting tokens that will be saved in order to achieve a high score. The game is actually all about cool features, smooth controls and a fun gameplay!


Electricity: an adrenaline rush for young and older gamers


Platform Dashing
Platform Dashing

If you have been looking for something to excite all members of your family, Electricity might well be the solution! This arcade-style platformer was launched by Harissapp and it’s suitable for users aged four and over. In a move to prove that it’s the right source of entertainment for most, the App Store awarded it with a 4+ rating. Also note that its platform-dashing gameplay will be easy to learn and mastering it will not take too long. When it comes to the in-built features, they are all meant to boost the experience and assist players throughout. Visit your iOS store soon!


Platform-gaming help on social networks


iOS users with Electricity installed on the mobile devices will now find assistance from official pages created on major social networks. Platform-gaming tips and the game’s most important features are discussed every day. To get started, fans and players are simply requested to search for Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores on their preferred network. Daily posts will help them understand the gameplay, provide assistance when it comes to the use of in-app features and also guide gamers towards other help sources. Do note that learning the various aspects of the title is actually the best way to improve one’s performances. Like, follow, and subscribe now!

A fun game for casual entertainment on the go

Electricity App
Electricity App

If casual entertainment is what you are after, Harissapp certainly has something for you! It’s in the form of a fun game and anyone with the right iOS smartphone or tablet can presently download it. Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores is the name that you simply need to type into the search box of your App Store. Once installed, you will be glad to learn that you have passed the most complicated bits. Indeed, launching the app is all that it will take to start playing. The fast-paced and addictive gameplay will be accessible for unlimited rounds and you will also be able to play wherever you want. Enjoy!