Dash from left to right and have unlimited fun on the go

Play Electricity

If you recently downloaded Electricity the dash game on your mobile device, it will be wise to learn the basics. Since we talk about a platformer, you must have guessed that jumping around and collecting coins will both be part of the action! A robotic character will have to be controlled; it will only be able to dash to the right or left. However, to move through the levels, it will help to quickly learn how to get past obstacles. These will take the form of electric beams and they will be the character’s deadliest enemies! With the possibility to play unlimitedly, you will certainly have enough time to hone your skills. Good luck!


A challenging game for hardcore mobile gamers

The game designer Harissapp has come up with a simple but challenging game, Electricity. This game is easy at the beginning, but as you progress, the level of difficulty might surprise you. This is an addictive mobile app that will test your ability to tap on the screen at the right time. You can play this game as long as you want and even challenge your friends to get a better score. So, improve your skills and get on the ladder to show how good you are at this arcade game. You can read more articles on Electricity by scrolling throughout this blog.

Electricity: the game of dashes

A platform-dashing game for the thrill seekers

Platform-dashing game

It’s certainly not like any of the other apps that you have tried till date! It’s an arcade-themed platform-dashing game that will take players on a pretty unique challenge. The name that you will have to look out for is Electricity – A game of dashes and high scores. Once downloaded, it will be possible to get started within a few seconds. You will play as a very special robotic character. The latter is also known as the galactic robot and keeping it away from the electric beams will certainly not be an easy task! However, where there’s a will, there’s always a way, and the game has been designed to provide a lot of fun and satisfaction to whoever dares to get stuck in. Download the app soon and enjoy unlimitedly!

A dash game for both adults and kids

Electricity App

Considering that our kids tend to use our smartphone or tablet more than we actually do ourselves, it will be wise to download apps that will also meet their needs! Electricity is a simple dash game with a gameplay that can be enjoyed without any limit. Its developers have considered the needs of players of all ages and they eventually came up with an app that even four-year-old kids can enjoy. As described on the App Store, this platform-dashing game is “simple to learn, but hard to master.” Once installed, you will have a blast with the whole family; give it a go!

Dash skilfully to be able to compete against other players

Platform-dashing game

If you have decided to play Electricity, you actually joined a race to conquer the leaderboard. The gameplay might be simple, but it is a real challenge! You will be tasked to dash skilfully across scrolling platforms. However, to be able to compete, it will also be important to use your reflexes and speed appropriately. By getting the right balance in-game, a decent ranking on the high score leaderboard will become an easy target. As you will soon notice, it is done by linking the app to Apple’s Game Centre; the best scores will always be seen listed. This is meant to help users locate themselves on the chart. Play on!


Dash endlessly and for free!

Endless dashing game

If you have been looking for free entertainment on the go, you can presently download Electricity from your local App Store! The latter is a freemium platformer and it allows users to dash endlessly without having to spend a penny. What this means is that unlimited gaming is accessible to whoever has the app installed on a compatible iOS device. Also note that it is possible to enjoy all of the platform game’s features for free! What are you waiting for? Download Electricity now to have a blast wherever you are and for as long as you might want to!

Platform-dashing fun now for free on App Stores near you

Electricity App
Electricity App

Wherever you are around the globe, you can now get a special app to keep you entertained! It’s the latest from Harissapp and it will provide players with a platform-dashing gameplay that will fill your spare time perfectly. The best thing with this title will certainly be the fact that it’s free-to-play! This basically means that there will be nothing to pay to download and enjoy it on any of the compatible devices. To boot, it will surely help to mention that the game will run without any connection to the internet. What are you waiting for?! Find Electricity and use it whenever you feel like!