High score oriented gaming for those looking for a challenge


If you are ready to take up a challenge and get your name on the high score leaderboard, it’s now time to try Electricity out! Do note that this platform-dashing game is also the ideal app for those who might want a casual source of entertainment on the go. As mentioned by the developer, it will be easy to learn to play the game. However, things are likely to get complicated as you progress! The difficulty level will indeed get crazier and it will be up to you to adapt your skills to eventually overcome the challenge and make it among the top 10 players on the ranking table. Dare to play!

Arcade-style gaming for iOS gamers around the globe  


Electricity App
Electricity App

If doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you will now be able to enjoy arcade-style gaming endlessly! To get started, all you will have to do is to consult your local App Store. The latter is actually the only place to find Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores and it will eventually be possible to download it. Not a single penny will have to be spent and gamers will also get to indulge unlimitedly. That’s right, there will be no limit on the number of rounds that one can possibly enjoy. Join the community soon and let the fun beginning!

Run across platforms to collect coins


For a simple game that will also deliver a lot of fun, it would be wise to check Harissapp’s coolest release out! It’s now on the App Store and all you will be tasked to do is to run across platforms to collect coins. Do note that this will also be the only way to score for a better place on the leaderboard. One more thing to remember is that tokens that are to be picked will appear randomly; staying alert will certainly help those looking to bag a place on the top 10 chart! Give it a go soon and experience the thrills!

Fun rounds on offer once Electricity installed

Electricity App

Now that you have Electricity downloaded onto your iPhone, you will be glad to know that you have joined a fun gaming community! However, apart from being entertaining, it will also be possible to use this game to hone one’s reflexes, concentration and speed. On the other hand, it will help to point out that the option to take things onto your favourite social network will also be there. Indeed, messages containing your high scores can be shared on Facebook and this can eventually bring you new challengers. Test it out right now, play the game and share a post as soon as you end the round!

A platformer with an addictive but purposeful challenge

Electricity App
Electricity App
Games like Flappy Bird, Pokémon GO and several others have all been known for being pretty addictive! However, something was still missing and they eventually only experienced temporary popularity. On the other hand, there was a platformer whose release might have gone unnoticed, but who is surprisingly still around to entertain players of all age. It’s called Electricity, and its purposeful gameplay might have given it an edge on its App Store rivals. Indeed, this app has a very interesting challenge on offer and once tested, one might find it hard to put their phones away! Check it out soon and remember to share your thoughts in the comment section!

A fun arcade game that will task players to aim high


Fun Arcade Game

With Electricity now installed on the iOS device of your choice, it’s time to be entertained! Fun arcade game thrills await and even if it all looks pretty simple, users will still be urged to aim high to bag themselves a place on the leaderboard. Indeed, the required skills will have to be applied to make it past round one! Do note that 10 points will have to be scored to get there and to do so, tokens seen on the scrolling platforms will all have to be collected. Get stuck in for free now, you gotta catch ‘em all!

The robot will take you on an electrifying adventure

Meet the galactic robot in Electricity

If you have a passion for arcade-platformer games, you will definitely enjoy controlling the robot seen within Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores. This App Store-exclusive mobile title will provide you with an electrifying adventure and being the best will be the only chance for you to ever make it on the top 10 chart. This app features only one character and his speed and carelessness will often put him into serious trouble. However, your task will be to keep him safe at all times and to do so, simple and responsive touch controls have been implemented. Use them right and have a blast!