Reflex-testing gaming rounds offered by Harissapp

Reflex-testing thrills

If you haven’t heard about Harissapp yet, now is the time to discover its works. One of the coolest releases is none other than Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores. This reflex-testing title is a freemium and it will be seen on the App Store exclusively. The gameplay is what makes it special; players will get to endlessly try to beat high scores seen on the leaderboard. Even if this task will not be an impossible one, folks will still have to engage their reflexes, concentration, speed and patience to achieve anything. Try Electricity out soon and enjoy without limitations!



Speed, reflexes, concentration work them all out with Electricity

Beat Electricity high scores

If you have been looking for a multi-purpose app for your mobile, Electricity might be the perfect one! Apart from providing players with a fun gameplay, it will also engage their speed, reflexes and concentration. Users will control a robot and by pressing on on-screen buttons, it will be possible to move the character to the left or right to avoid getting zapped by electric beams. Do note that these deadly bolts will be present at the bottom and top of the arena; touching any of them will kill the robot and end the round. Sounds pretty cruel, right!? However, rest assured as this certainly adds to the challenge. Try Electricity out soon!

Platformer thrills: run for your life to score high


As you play your favourite platformer in your spare time, you will soon realise that you will have to run for your life to score the highest possible. The slightest slip or moment of inattention will lead to irreversible results and that’s the death of your robotic character. To overcome such a nasty turn of events, it will be wise to hone your skills and master the art of tactile gaming. Do note that staying alive the longest possible will not only bring you satisfaction, but you will also improve your score to eventually make it among the top ten players seen on the high score leaderboard. Work for it!

Electricity: dash in the right direction to avoid getting zapped

Play Electricity

With Electricity on your iPhone or iPad, it will be wise to come up with new strategies every now and then! This will not only improve your chance for a place on the high score leaderboard, but you will also get to explore new possibilities that will eventually test your skills in different ways. As you play, the most important thing to remember is to dash in the right direction in order to avoid getting zapped. On the other hand, daily practice and consistency will also allow you to improve. Get busy, but remember to keep an eye on these nasty electric beams!


Challenge your pals and beat their Electricity high scores

Beat Electricity high scores

Folks with Electricity installed on their tactile devices are up for a real challenge! Indeed, apart from providing players with casual gaming on the go, it will also be possible for them to compete each other for the leaderboard’s top 10 rank. However, it will be wise to ensure that you have mastered the gameplay and have the required skills. Here is a check list to consider:

  • Good reflexes,
  • Speed,
  • Ability to stay focused,
  • Fine vision and
  • Patience.

If you tick all the boxes, consider yourself ready to engage and beat the high scores that are presently topping the ranking chart. Good luck and do have a blast!

Speed gaming rounds wherever you are

Platform dashing

If you are one of those who always have the urge to do something while moving around, you will certainly be happy with Electricity installed on your iOS mobile device! Speed gaming rounds will be on offer and they will allow players to indulge themselves wherever they are and at any point of the day. This freemium app is suitable for players aged four and over and its simple gameplay can be mastered within a few tries. Practice will then help users hone their skills. Visit your local App Store now and search for this unique Harissapp creation. Unlimited fun awaits!

Speed-testing challenges wherever you are

Speed-testing challenges

Are you tired of long queues wherever you go, fed up of time-consuming trips to work or simply feel that it’s time for you to hone your reflexes? If that’s the case, Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores is here for you! The latter is a speed-testing arcade-style platformer for iOS devices and we can guarantee that it has the potential to provide users with entertainment alongside purposeful rounds that they have been looking for. Once installed, this title can turn out to be your ultimate pastime. Download it for free as soon as you possibly can and help yourself with mentally stimulating challenges wherever you are!