iPhone gaming thrills with Electricity installed

Electricity: Dash Right or Left

Your iPhone is actually the ultimate tool to be used if you want quality entertainment while moving around! The device can hold a large selection of games that can all be downloaded from a local App Store. However, if there is something that we can suggest, it will have to be Harrisapp’s coolest creation till date! It’s called Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores and it’s a freemium title that has been tested by thousands around the globe. The gameplay was developed to work smoothly on the iPhone and iPad; it will hence be wise to make the most out of its in-app features. Try it soon and share your experience in the comment section!


A relaxing game for endless entertainment on the go

Play Electricity and relax

There are thousands of apps out there, but only a few will really be able to keep you entertained and relaxed! If you are going through this page, you have actually found the ideal one for you. It’s a relaxing game and its best feature is that it can be used endlessly! You heard it, no play limits, no time restriction, no in-app purchases will ever bother you as you try this platform game out in your spare time. The challenge might even get slightly addictive, but rest assured as it will also hone your skills. Check it out on your local App Store!

A game that will definitely keep you busy

Play Electricity

With the release of Electricity on the App Store, Harissapp has managed to make itself a place among the platform game developers. The app we initially referred to is now seen in App Stores worldwide and it’s called Electricity – A game of dashes and high scores. It delivers a next-gen gameplay that has the ability to keep players busy for hours and days. On the other hand, it’s also very simple to learn. However, the challenge will be to master things and finally make it among the best on the high score leaderboard. Dare to have a go and showcase your skills!

Arcade platformer enjoyment for those who meet Electricity’s requirements

Platform dashing

Like any other games that you can now download for your smartphone or tablet, Electricity also has some requirements that will have to be met by compatible devices. However, there is nothing to worry about as the arcade platformer was developed to fit in easily and with a few steps only. Some of the prerequisites that you will see listed on iTunes are:

  1. A compatible device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch),
  2. An OS 6.0 or later installed,
  3. At least 45.0 MB of free space on the device and
  4. An internet connection (optional).

To learn more about this platform-dashing title, simply visit your App Store or official Electricity blogs and social pages. Once tested, remember to share your thoughts in the comment section!

Arcade gaming for those who enjoy free-to-play thrills on iOS

Electricity: Dash Right or Left

It’s an app that has been around for over two years, but Electricity is definitely not one that we will ever get bored of! Free-to-play arcade gaming, smooth-running controls and a gameplay that delivers a real challenge are features that are presently being enjoyed by thousands of players around the world. Do note that this application is still expected on Google Play and those who have been waiting can refer to the title’s official platforms for the latest tips. Nevertheless, the iOS version is still seen on App Stores worldwide; the developer has several updates coming and these are likely to boost the experience further. The game can be yours now!

The robot will have to be saved to win!

Save the robot!

To win in Electricity, players will only have to carry a very simple task out! The latter will be all about saving the robot. It might look pretty tough, but its life actually lies on a thread. Be careful, a slip will kill it on the spot and this will also end the round. For a high score, players will hence need some skills. These will have to be engaged to be able to keep the character alive for the longest possible time! By practicing daily, one should be able to hone the required abilities. Do not waste more time, start playing now!

Fast-paced thrills for iOS gamers exclusively

Share your Electricity score

If you are an iOS gamer looking for an adrenaline rush, you will definitely be served right with Electricity installed on your mobile. This Harissapp creation offers a fast-paced experience to folks with a compatible device. However, also note that this title has been exclusively designed to work on Apple-made smartphones or tablets. As a player, you will get to enjoy a speed-honing gameplay. While controlling the character, one will also be urged to look for coins that are meant to boost the score. Collect them all and stay alive for a personal best that can possibly land you on the leaderboard. Good luck!