Unlimited rounds for gamers who have Electricity installed


Unrestricted and unlimited rounds await! All you are required to do is install Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores on any of the compatible iOS devices that you might own. Once done, you should be ready to start enjoying your free time in a totally different way! As a player, you will be tasked to use your reflexes, speed, concentration and patience to keep the in-game robot alive. The latter is a fast-moving creature; things will hence turn into a real challenge a few seconds into the round. However, playing will still be super fun and you can even expect to get addicted to this new activity!


Speed-testing rounds for those who have Electricity installed

Speed-testing rounds

From the above title, you must have guessed that Electricity has a lot on offer! Unlimited speed-testing rounds are the best things that you can actually expect from this app! The mobile game holds a gameplay that is meant to be easy to learn, but it will also provide players with a real challenge. However, if you have the platform-dashing title for its speed-improving virtues, you will also be served! Simply play daily to start noticing the expected results. Get Electricity from your local App Store now and have fun as you try to conquer the Game Centre generated high score leaderboard!

Fast-paced thrills for iOS gamers exclusively

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If you are an iOS gamer looking for an adrenaline rush, you will definitely be served right with Electricity installed on your mobile. This Harissapp creation offers a fast-paced experience to folks with a compatible device. However, also note that this title has been exclusively designed to work on Apple-made smartphones or tablets. As a player, you will get to enjoy a speed-honing gameplay. While controlling the character, one will also be urged to look for coins that are meant to boost the score. Collect them all and stay alive for a personal best that can possibly land you on the leaderboard. Good luck!

Unlimited fun can now be enjoyed wherever you are



Are you in a queue and feeling totally bored? Some entertainment would have really helped, but you just do not know what to get! However, now that you are going through this post, we will guide you towards an app that will provide you with unlimited fun. The title is available on the iOS store exclusively, and it’s called Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores. It comes with both online and offline features, making it possible to play the game literally anywhere and at times that suit you best. If this sounds good, simply visit your local App Store now and download Electricity for free.


Platform-hopping rounds that will test your speed and reflexes

Speed-testing game

In order to hone their speed and reflexes, gamers around the world can now get into a revolutionary platform-hopping experience! The latter will be seen as a free-to-play game on the iOS store and anyone with the right smartphone or tablet should be able to download it. We surely do not need to remind you folks what the name of the very special app is, but for those who are new around here, do note that you will have to type in Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores to find it on the App Store! Download it now and test your skill

Speed will be key as you set to conquer Electricity’s leaderboard

Electricity App

You liked what you saw and you now have the app installed on your iOS device! However, it will also help to know what you will really need to play Electricity and gain some sort of satisfaction. Speed will be the most important skill that gamers will have to possess! This will allow them to quickly make their moves on the touch screen and eventually save the robot from sudden electrocution. Do note that keeping the character on the platforms for the longest possible will be the only way to finally make a place on the high score leaderboard. Play now and act fast while collecting coins!


Electricity: a speed challenge for the nerds

Speed Challenging

If you are a next-gen nerd and have a passion for mobile games, you will most definitely be interested to find more details about Electricity! The latter is on the App Store for free and it can be downloaded by anyone aged four and over. What awaits is a speed challenge and despite being easy to learn, it will also be hard to master. Nevertheless, this is only because there was a need to make things more purposeful and players will hence notice that the gameplay will come with a pretty progressive level of difficulty. However, the experience will still be fun and users are likely to indulge in adrenaline filled rounds like no other!