Speed gaming rounds wherever you are

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If you are one of those who always have the urge to do something while moving around, you will certainly be happy with Electricity installed on your iOS mobile device! Speed gaming rounds will be on offer and they will allow players to indulge themselves wherever they are and at any point of the day. This freemium app is suitable for players aged four and over and its simple gameplay can be mastered within a few tries. Practice will then help users hone their skills. Visit your local App Store now and search for this unique Harissapp creation. Unlimited fun awaits!


A speed-testing game for an adrenaline rush


The app is a bit of a different way to test your skills, but it’s one that will certainly deliver! Harissapp’s very first release is actually being described as a speed-testing game and it’s indeed the one that we are referring to right now! The title has been around for a few years now and those who have managed to try it out are a bunch of satisfied gamers. Those looking for an adrenaline rush were definitely served, but rest assured as those wanting to put their speed and reflexes to the test were also catered for. It’s one that you certainly wouldn’t mind having installed; get it now!

Speed-testing rounds for free with Electricity

Electricity: Easy-to-learn
Electricity: Easy-to-learn

It’s all free indeed, but rest assured as Electricity’s speed-testing rounds will definitely not disappoint! The gameplay was developed to meet players’ needs and once you have tested it, it will become clear to you that quality gaming is what Harissapp is all about. It might also help to point out that the game is only very lightly monetised. This basically means that microtransactions will not bother those looking to chill out and have some fun on the go! Also look out for social features, they will definitely boost your experience further. For now, go ahead and download the app to start testing your speed, reflexes, concentration and several other skills!

A speed game that can hone your reflexes

Speed  game

If you own a tactile device, it will be wise to make the most out of it! A simple tip to get started is to simply download the right apps. Many of these will actually help users hone several skills. The title that you should consider is a speed game. It’s called Electricity and players of all age can get it to refine their reflexes or to stay busy. Also note that it comes with various features to help users improve their experience. Use your Electricity app soon and notice drastic developments within days of your first round. Good luck and remember to share your thoughts in the comment section!