Endless platformer rounds for gaming on the go

Endless Platfomer

You have certainly been straining your eyes in a move to try and find an unlimited source of entertainment! However, with Electricity on App Stores, endless platformer rounds await! That’s right, with this game on the go, you will always be entertained. Players can enjoy for hours without having to worry about in-app purchases or any other limitations. Also note that Electricity’s gameplay is meant to be easy enough for anyone within the age limit; the title’s 4+ rating on the iOS store is supposed to reassure folks who might be interested in the game. Waste no time, join the community for a blast!


Electricity: discover the games social features for even more fun

Electricity App

Being tagged as a braggart is certainly not very complimenting. However, you shouldn’t have to worry if you are giving your pals an excessive dose of Electricity updates on Facebook! The in-game social feature is indeed meant to be used to your very own advantage. Sharing your high scores on the social network can actually attract new players, and some attention from the ladies… if you are lucky! Do note that the Facebook sharing option seen in-app can be used as soon as a round ends and it will allow users to brag about their feats by adding a comment to each post. This can be a lot of fun!



High scores will help you make it on the leaderboard

Fun with Electricity
Fun with Electricity

As an Electricity player, your goal is to eventually make it among the top 10 on the leaderboard! However, this is a real challenge and to get there, you will have to beat the high scores of those who have managed to climb the ladder! If you reckon that you do not have the required skills, this can easily be fixed! By simply practicing on a daily basis, you will eventually hone all the abilities that you will need. Do take advantage of the unlimited access feature; play anytime and anywhere! Work for it; real results are on the way!

Play endlessly to improve your in-game skills

Platform Dashing
Platform Dashing

If you have been wondering if you will ever make it among the best players seen on the high score leaderboard, you will surprised to learn that it’s all up to you! Indeed, all you will need to do is to play endlessly to improve your in-game skills. Playing will help train your reflexes, speed and concentration. In the long run, you will simply notice that you can go for better scores and overcome tougher levels. Also remember that Electricity can be used unlimitedly and since no connection is required to get stuck in, you can enjoy without any restrictions. Have fun!


Casual gaming that will cost you nothing


If you now have Electricity installed on your iOS device, you will be glad to know that you have also bagged yourself an unlimited source of casual gaming! This freemium application will keep you busy anywhere you are and access to in-built features will also not cost a penny. Do note that playing this platform game can possibly hone the skills that will be engaged! Whether it’s the reflexes, concentration, speed or reaction that are being engaged, they will all be improved over time and with the right dose of daily practice. If you are yet to join in, hesitate no more!

Electricity: an adrenaline rush for young and older gamers


Platform Dashing
Platform Dashing

If you have been looking for something to excite all members of your family, Electricity might well be the solution! This arcade-style platformer was launched by Harissapp and it’s suitable for users aged four and over. In a move to prove that it’s the right source of entertainment for most, the App Store awarded it with a 4+ rating. Also note that its platform-dashing gameplay will be easy to learn and mastering it will not take too long. When it comes to the in-built features, they are all meant to boost the experience and assist players throughout. Visit your iOS store soon!


Hop fast to collect tokens and beat Electricity’s high scores

Beat high scores

If you are looking for thrills, you will be well served with Electricity installed on your iOS device! As a players, you will be tasked to hop fast to collect tokens and avoid deadly electric beams. However, your ultimate goal will be to achieve a high score. Round after round, you will have to keep chasing your leaderboard challengers. These folks take the game very seriously and getting better is all that matters to them! It will hence be wise to keep up and train to join the endless race for the top spot on the ranking table. Get started soon if you have some time to spare!