A minimalist casual game for folks with an iPad or iPhone


By now, you must have heard about Electricity if you are an active mobile gamer! It’s a minimalist casual game developed by Harissapp and it will be seen on the App Store exclusively. Do note that devices like the iPad and iPhone can both run the app without any issues. The title will offer a real challenge to folks who have been looking for it. Players will have to guide a fast-moving galactic robot; simple controls will have to be used to help it as it dashes left or right, collecting tokens that will be saved in order to achieve a high score. The game is actually all about cool features, smooth controls and a fun gameplay!


Electricity: the app you need for casual fun

Electricity App
Electricity App

As you might be aware, one of the latest ways to stay entertained is to play mobile games! This season, Harissapp’s Electricity is still in line. Remember, the latter is an arcade-themed platform-dashing title. It was developed using technology often adopted by the industry’s best and it is hence meant to deliver a mobile experience that has an edge on its challengers. While using this freemium app, no internet connection will be required. To boot, there will never be any annoying notification coming up to urge you to spend in-app! How awesome is that?! You simply need it on your device to understand what it’s all about!

Platform-running tips and advice from the best!

Electricity: Easy-to-learn
Electricity: Easy-to-learn

As an Electricity player, it will be smart of you to stay tuned with everything that is to do with your favourite game! In a move to help you out, the developer ensured that platform-running tips and advice are easily available. The information will be seen on official pages such as blogs, social networks and so on. New content is added every day and these will cover essential details for gamers to use to improve their performances. Also note that information seen on the game’s official platforms comes from reliable sources and it will be wise to make good use of it all!

Platform-gaming help on social networks


iOS users with Electricity installed on the mobile devices will now find assistance from official pages created on major social networks. Platform-gaming tips and the game’s most important features are discussed every day. To get started, fans and players are simply requested to search for Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores on their preferred network. Daily posts will help them understand the gameplay, provide assistance when it comes to the use of in-app features and also guide gamers towards other help sources. Do note that learning the various aspects of the title is actually the best way to improve one’s performances. Like, follow, and subscribe now!

Electricity: consult official blogs for tips and advice!


As a dedicated Electricity gamer, it will be wise to hone your knowledge of the game to be in a better position to finally get to conquer the high score leaderboard. To help you out, the developer has set up several official platforms. Blogs will certainly be a reliable sources of information as they also hold numerous tips and advice. These will not only guide beginners, but they will also highlight key aspects to those who might have forgotten them. On the other hand, it will also be possible to request for additional gaming information through the comment sections that will be seen underneath each online post. Get active and learn new things to crush your challengers!

Speed-testing rounds for beginners

Electricity App
Electricity App

Those looking to improve their speed have several ways to meet their needs. However, not all solutions will work as expected and it will hence be wise to seek advice from professionals! If you are a nerd or a tech lover, you are certainly aware that mobile apps can now help us get countless tasks done for free. Similarly, Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores has been released to entertain, but it can also be used to improve several abilities. Playing this particular title has been proved to stimulate and hone one’s speed, concentration, reflexes and so on. Try it out and have a blast!

A challenge for platform-dashing thrills

Electricity for iOS

You will certainly not regret downloading Electricity on your iOS mobile device! The latter will provide you with platform-dashing thrills and a challenge that you will surely find hard to let go of. As a player, you will be tasked to guide a shiny robot. By using the responsive touch controls, you will get to move the character around to be able to collect point-boosting coins that will randomly appear on the scrolling elevators. To add to the action, electric beams were included, and apart from accidentally falling off, these spoilers will be the only other things that can kill the robot. Learn more about the game’s features by going through the pages of this blog!