Arcade platformer enjoyment for those who meet Electricity’s requirements

Platform dashing

Like any other games that you can now download for your smartphone or tablet, Electricity also has some requirements that will have to be met by compatible devices. However, there is nothing to worry about as the arcade platformer was developed to fit in easily and with a few steps only. Some of the prerequisites that you will see listed on iTunes are:

  1. A compatible device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch),
  2. An OS 6.0 or later installed,
  3. At least 45.0 MB of free space on the device and
  4. An internet connection (optional).

To learn more about this platform-dashing title, simply visit your App Store or official Electricity blogs and social pages. Once tested, remember to share your thoughts in the comment section!

Arcade-themed gaming thrills within a next-gen app

Arcade-themed gaming

The most important features that a mobile game needs to make it among the highest-rated titles are its in-app options. When it comes to Electricity, it’s an app that delivers arcade-themed gaming and it is often described as one of the best to have been launched in recent years! Basic and simple features have been included to provide players with an incredible mobile experience. The freemium title comes with in-built options like:

  • Language settings,
  • Volume adjustment,
  • Social sharing and many more.

Download the game on any compatible iOS device to test these next-gen perks and to enjoy an unlimited source of entertainment. You will certainly have a blast!

Free-to-play platform-dashing rounds to be enjoyed unlimitedly



If like thousands of gamers, you have been scouting the App Store in vain, you will now be happy to know that there is something out there! It’s free-to-play and ready to provide players with quality arcade gaming thrills. It’s indeed a mobile game and it was launched a while ago to deliver users from boredom. Unlimited rounds will be provided and since a connectivity will not always be required, it will be possible to use the app anywhere and anytime. To boot, a simple to learn gameplay has been combined with cool graphics and music; features that will surely help meet your daily need for entertainment. Look out for Electricity: A game of dashed and high scores!

Arcade gaming for those who enjoy free-to-play thrills on iOS

Electricity: Dash Right or Left

It’s an app that has been around for over two years, but Electricity is definitely not one that we will ever get bored of! Free-to-play arcade gaming, smooth-running controls and a gameplay that delivers a real challenge are features that are presently being enjoyed by thousands of players around the world. Do note that this application is still expected on Google Play and those who have been waiting can refer to the title’s official platforms for the latest tips. Nevertheless, the iOS version is still seen on App Stores worldwide; the developer has several updates coming and these are likely to boost the experience further. The game can be yours now!

Electricity: consult official blogs for tips and advice!


As a dedicated Electricity gamer, it will be wise to hone your knowledge of the game to be in a better position to finally get to conquer the high score leaderboard. To help you out, the developer has set up several official platforms. Blogs will certainly be a reliable sources of information as they also hold numerous tips and advice. These will not only guide beginners, but they will also highlight key aspects to those who might have forgotten them. On the other hand, it will also be possible to request for additional gaming information through the comment sections that will be seen underneath each online post. Get active and learn new things to crush your challengers!

Platformer fun to be enjoyed on any iOS device

Fun with Electricity
Fun with Electricity

Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch are certainly all suitable to run Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores! This platformer is now within easy reach; simply check your local App Store for more details. Do note that the gameplay has been designed to be fun and addictive. Players who will dare to take up the challenge will hence be served with a pretty special package. Amusement, excitement and skills improvement can all be expected while playing Electricity on a compatible smartphone or tablet. Join the community as soon as possible to indulge in quality entertainment on the go.

A robot-saving game for tons of fun

Platform Dashing
Platform Dashing

While enjoying your days off, it will be wise to stay physically and mentally active so as to avoid uninvited health complications. In a move to assist iOS users around the globe, Harissapp came up with a robot-saving app that can be of great help! The latter is called Electricity: A game of dashes and high score. It’s easily accessible from local App Stores around the world and most smartphones or tablets will be compatible. For more details about the game’s specifications or to find other important information, do refer to the official download page or any of its dedicated platforms!