Electricity: an adrenaline rush for young and older gamers


Platform Dashing
Platform Dashing

If you have been looking for something to excite all members of your family, Electricity might well be the solution! This arcade-style platformer was launched by Harissapp and it’s suitable for users aged four and over. In a move to prove that it’s the right source of entertainment for most, the App Store awarded it with a 4+ rating. Also note that its platform-dashing gameplay will be easy to learn and mastering it will not take too long. When it comes to the in-built features, they are all meant to boost the experience and assist players throughout. Visit your iOS store soon!


Fast-paced platform-dashing rounds to be played for free

Electricity App
Electricity App

The season’s best piece of entertainment will surely boost your day while keeping you busy as you move around! We obviously refer to Harissapp’s very own fast-paced app and it’s one that you need on your device right now! Electricity is the name to remember for fun on the go. To boot, it offers a platform-dashing gameplay that can get really addictive. Players will engage in a pretty simple task; control a fast-moving robot. The latter has to collect a maximum number of tokens to score and eventually move to the next round. Get the application for free to fill your spare time!

Harissapp cares about players: express yourselves on official platforms

Electricity App
Electricity App

It might be an emerging studio, but Harissapp certainly knows how to handle players! Since the release of its initial game on the App Store the developer has been doing its best to cater for needs of existing and future users. Regular updates have improved Electricity as requested and through posts on its official blog and social pages, everyone has been informed of all positive changes that came up. However, it will be beneficial if players were to express themselves even more! Indeed, by simply leaving comments or reviewing the experience on the available platforms one will also get to help the online community. Do your share and keep having fun!

Arcade gaming for free, it’s all on offer with Electricity


Who doesn’t like free thrills?! We all love it and with what Harissapp has on offer, we will be served better than ever! Arcade gaming fun is what it’s all about and it’s delivered through a mobile game. The latter will be seen on the iOS store and those interested can look for Electricity to download and play for free. Yes, nothing to pay at all for some next-gen entertainment and unlimited challenges. The app’s purposeful gameplay will liberate users from boredom and also provide them with an amazing tool to be used to hone various skills. Test it out soon and remember to come back to share the experience!


A touch-controlled game with a platform-dashing gameplay

Share your Electricity score

Those into tactile thrills will be served with Electricity! The latter is obviously a touch-controlled game and it will provide players with a platform-dashing gameplay that they will find hard to let go of. Yes, things will get pretty addictive, but rest assured, it will also be amazingly fun and beneficial for those who will dare to embark into this delirious pastime. May it be on a smartphone or tablet, the same action will be seen. To boot, one can also expect to hone the skills that will be engaged. This will normally include one’s reflexes, speed and judgement. Play now to learn more!

Platform-dashing will never be as fun as it is with Electricity!

Electricity: Dash Right or Left

For a platform-dashing experience that you will certainly not forget, you must try Electricity out! Its arcade-themed gameplay will be unlike anything else that you might have tested and it will also be very easy to learn. Sounds good, right?! All you need to do to get started is:

  • Own any of the compatible iOS devices,
  • Have an iTunes account,
  • Download the free-to-play game and
  • Launch it to enjoy unlimitedly.

If all this seems to be feasible, simply head to your local App Store now and rush for the app! Do note that Electricity comes with no hidden costs or harsh monetisation and it’s eventually safe for kids to play.


Casual platform-dashing rounds: Electricity has it all!


For a casual game par excellence, we suggest that you consider the season’s coolest arcade app, Electricity. Through its platform-dashing rounds, players will get to entertain themselves on the go. The gameplay that will be on offer was developed to thrill users of all ages and it’s hence easy to learn. The in-built features will all be accessible for free and players will be able to use them all without having to unlock or pay. To boot, it doesn’t matter where you are situated in the world, you will be able to download this app on your iOS smartphone or tablet. Get it and have a blast!