Casual gaming that will cost you nothing


If you now have Electricity installed on your iOS device, you will be glad to know that you have also bagged yourself an unlimited source of casual gaming! This freemium application will keep you busy anywhere you are and access to in-built features will also not cost a penny. Do note that playing this platform game can possibly hone the skills that will be engaged! Whether it’s the reflexes, concentration, speed or reaction that are being engaged, they will all be improved over time and with the right dose of daily practice. If you are yet to join in, hesitate no more!

Platform-dashing tips and advice for Electricity gamers


If you are an Electricity gamer, it will be wise of you to stay updated with the latest gaming tips and advice. Platform-dashing might be an easy task within your favourite game, but with details posted on official platforms created by the developer, players will get to learn about new strategy, forthcoming updates and so on. Feel free to start with the app’s official blog, Facebook and Google+ pages. These are all updated on a daily basis and details posted are always relevant to the needs of Electricity players around the world. To boot, it will also help to mention that it will be possible for folks to use these platforms to share their thoughts, requests and reviews. Enjoy it all!

A platformer with in-built features that are set to boost the experience

Electricity App

With the emergence of next-gen titles across mobile platforms, it became crucial for developers to deliver apps that were good enough to compete. Apart from using the latest technology, it was also important to include special features. Some of the options that you might want to look out within your favourite platformer are:

  • Social sharing (Facebook),
  • High score leaderboard (Game Center),
  • Language options (English or French),
  • Soothing background music (can be turned on & off) and many more.

If you are yet to discover Electricity, simply check your local iOS store now and download it for reflex boosting rounds on the go!

Electricity: a fun platformer game for players aged 4 and over

fun platformer game

As long as you are four-years-old or over, you should be able to understand what Electricity has on offer. The latter has been developed with players in mind and it hence holds simple features. When it comes to the gameplay, it is easy to learn; one will only have to tap left or right to move around. If you are getting the game for your kids, there is nothing to worry about, and that’s due to the fact that there is no risk of accidently clicking on an in-app purchase. The title only holds a single microtransaction. As a whole, Electricity is meant to be a premium experience that you can have on the go!

A game that will definitely keep you busy

Play Electricity

With the release of Electricity on the App Store, Harissapp has managed to make itself a place among the platform game developers. The app we initially referred to is now seen in App Stores worldwide and it’s called Electricity – A game of dashes and high scores. It delivers a next-gen gameplay that has the ability to keep players busy for hours and days. On the other hand, it’s also very simple to learn. However, the challenge will be to master things and finally make it among the best on the high score leaderboard. Dare to have a go and showcase your skills!

Electricity: treat yourself with unlimited challenges


You won’t have to spend a penny to enjoy this treat and it’s presently on the App Store around the globe. It’s called Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores, look for it for unlimited platform-dashing rounds anytime and anywhere! This freemium app is best known for its progressive difficulty level; the challenge increases as you move in-game. However, controlling the galactic robot will also be a pretty soothing experience. Players from all age groups can actually use this app to stay entertained in times when they need it the most. It’s one of the season’s best deals, get your copy soon!


A casual platformer that’s as purposeful as its competitors

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Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have revolutionised the way in which we enjoy entertainment. Things have improved even more this season and Harissapp’s freemium casual platformer does have a role to play here! The key of the game’s success is its purposeful gameplay and all its smooth running in-app features. The right content made Electricity better than its in-store competitors. To boot, the App Store’s 4.5/5 star rating is proof that the title is indeed out there for a reason. To discover more, simply download Electricity on any of the compatible iOS devices and play unlimitedly wherever you are!