A reflex-boosting experience for those with an iPhone

Electricity App
Electricity App

Your iPhone is actually the perfect tactile device to have Electricity the platform game on! Indeed, this sleek reflex-boosting mobile title is meant to work as smoothly as possible on this particular device and a few other compatible iOS smartphones and tablets. To boot, it is a proven fact that playing daily rounds will hone users’ speed and also help them improve several other skills. For those who might need some entertainment and a reliable tool to be used at any time, this mobile title is definitely the perfect one. It was developed with folks of all ages and genders in mind and it might even get pretty addictive. Get the freemium app now and have a blast!


A reflex-testing game that will hone several other skills

Platform dashing

As an Electricity player, it will be your duty to fully engage your skills during each and every round that you will play. Some most useful tips that you might want to remember while you are stuck into delirious reflex-testing rounds are to;

  • Stay concentrated,
  • Be quick,
  • Keep an eye on the electric beams,
  • Look out for coins and
  • Always expect other players to be better!

Your Electricity app is to be used for fun on your iOS smartphone or tablet. By ensuring that you stick to the above-mentioned rules, you will not only climb the high score leaderboard, but you will also attain personal satisfaction and happiness. Get stuck in now!

Fun and live rounds once Electricity the arcade app installed

Electricity App
Electricity App

Now that you have Electricity installed on your smartphone or tablet, you are set for unlimited fun. If you prefer playing live and hence be able to access the leaderboard to keep an eye on your challengers, it will be totally feasible. However, players will also have the possibility to use the app without any connection to a Wi-Fi or 3G source and you will have to admit that this is a pretty cool feature! Playing in either mode will still provide users with the same thrills and it will all count as essential practice to finally end up with a decent placement on the high score leaderboard. Enjoy!

Free arcade game rounds from the App Store exclusively

Electricity App

Your new Electricity game has been designed for iPhone and iPad gaming exclusively. As a privilege, this free arcade app can be downloaded by iOS gamers only and it is hence available on App Stores worldwide. Playing this title is set to be fun for users of all age and gender. To boot, it is known that having this title on the go, can possibly give more purpose to the use of the device that it is installed on! Also note that Electricity has been optimised for touch screens and its controls are as smooth as any other app of the sort. Trying it out will definitely be the best thing to do!

A platform game that delivers unlimited and fun rounds

Fun with Electricity
Fun with Electricity

Playing games that match you against no one but a high score leaderboard can indeed be a pretty fun experience! With Electricity on your iOS device, this is exactly what you will get! The platform game comes with a simple to learn and addictive gameplay. To boot, social as well as various other cool features are set to add to the amusement. Do note that the app is free and it will be possible to enjoy unlimited rounds in a move to finally conquer the ranking table! It will definitely be worth a try; head to your local App Store now!

Electricity: The perfect platform-dashing game for iOS exclusively


Consider yourself lucky if you are the owner of an iOS device! That’s mainly because you will now have the privilege of downloading Electricity – A game of dashes and high scores on your smartphone or tablet. The application is exclusive to the App Store and it delivers a simple and social gameplay for players aged four and over. If you are into purposeful challenges, you will be served with Electricity installed on any of the listed compatible devices! Do note that the premium mode can be opted for any time and it will turn the game into an ad-free app. Consider it!

Electricity: the perfect arcade game to play on the iPhone

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Your iPhone and a few other compatible smartphones or tablets are now the ideal devices to be used to enjoy the season’s most delirious arcade app! The latter is called Electricity – A game of dashes and high scores and you will be thrilled to learn that this title is free-to-play on your local iOS market. The app is actually exclusive to Apple’s download store and apart from providing players with platform-dashing challenges, it can also be used as a perfect tool to hone one’s skills. Once installed, simply use the handy in-app features to be guided through and to get started. Download and enjoy Electricity now!