Electricity: a speed challenge for the nerds

Speed Challenging

If you are a next-gen nerd and have a passion for mobile games, you will most definitely be interested to find more details about Electricity! The latter is on the App Store for free and it can be downloaded by anyone aged four and over. What awaits is a speed challenge and despite being easy to learn, it will also be hard to master. Nevertheless, this is only because there was a need to make things more purposeful and players will hence notice that the gameplay will come with a pretty progressive level of difficulty. However, the experience will still be fun and users are likely to indulge in adrenaline filled rounds like no other!

A touch-controlled game with a platform-dashing gameplay

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Those into tactile thrills will be served with Electricity! The latter is obviously a touch-controlled game and it will provide players with a platform-dashing gameplay that they will find hard to let go of. Yes, things will get pretty addictive, but rest assured, it will also be amazingly fun and beneficial for those who will dare to embark into this delirious pastime. May it be on a smartphone or tablet, the same action will be seen. To boot, one can also expect to hone the skills that will be engaged. This will normally include one’s reflexes, speed and judgement. Play now to learn more!

Simple arcade-themed rounds for players aged four and over

Electricity: Easy-to-learn
Electricity: Easy-to-learn

Next-gen mobile titles are mostly known to deliver complex challenges and top-notch graphics. However, Electricity seems to have succeeded at staying in the category while providing players with a simple arcade-themed gameplay. Users of all ages will be eligible to get stuck in and to confirm things, the app has been awarded a 4+ rating on the iOS market. Simplicity is now the new feature for a guaranteed hit game and Harissapp was smart enough to spot the winning trick. Visit your local store and find this free-to-play title and to get into the race for a top leaderboard placement!

Platform-dashing fun now for free on App Stores near you

Electricity App
Electricity App

Wherever you are around the globe, you can now get a special app to keep you entertained! It’s the latest from Harissapp and it will provide players with a platform-dashing gameplay that will fill your spare time perfectly. The best thing with this title will certainly be the fact that it’s free-to-play! This basically means that there will be nothing to pay to download and enjoy it on any of the compatible devices. To boot, it will surely help to mention that the game will run without any connection to the internet. What are you waiting for?! Find Electricity and use it whenever you feel like!

Game Centre leaderboard challenges on offer with Electricity

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Playing Electricity on your tactile device will be all about beating high scores seen on the Game Centre generated leaderboard! The latter will actually hold a list of the elite gamers, i.e. those who have performed the best since the app went live for public download. Getting on the chart will not be an easy task. However, those looking to make a difference can definitely get there by simply practicing daily to improve their personal best. The challenge will be fun and exciting and players will be free to share their experiences, advice and tips in the comment section. Be involved and enjoy it all!

A run game for players of all ages and for free!

Run Game

Whatever your age, you can surely play Harissapp’s latest run game if you can use a smartphone or tablet! The title to look out for is called Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores and it can be downloaded for free. Simply visit a local App Store and type in the name to find the perfect title to play on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The gameplay will actually turn out to be pretty addictive, but it’s totally up to you to set your limits while also keeping the high score leaderboard in mind. Get started and have a blast on the go!


Platform-dashing game rounds will improve your reflexes!

Electricity: A Platform-Dashing Game

Stale reflexes will definitely not help as you try to get on with your daily tasks! However, technology is here to fix things up and you can now count on a mobile application to improve for the best. The latter is a platform-dashing game and it is presently on the App Store. From what is being said, this title can actually help those with the syndrome. Indeed, Electricity can assist players in their quest to mend their reflexes and the best thing with this is that it’s a free treatment. Simply visit your local store and download the application on any of the compatible devices to start working out. One will notice improvements within a few days and it will indeed be pretty surprising!