Electricity: arcade gaming fun for players looking for fast-paced thrills

Electricity: Easy-to-learn
Electricity: Easy-to-learn

If you have been looking for next-gen mobile thrills for your smartphone or tablet, you will be glad to know that you can now download Electricity! The latter is the latest among the arcade games and it will provide players with a fast-paced gameplay that will definitely keep them busy for hours or days. The title can be downloaded from App Stores around the globe, for free and rounds will be all about trying to beat high scores seen on the Game Centre generated leaderboard. Think no more, visit your local iOS market and simply get Electricity on a device of your choice.

Fun challenges will urge you to beat high scores

Electricity App

If you are a real challenger, you will definitely be thrilled by the fun gameplay that Electricity has on offer! Things will go pretty fast as soon as you start and as a player, you will be tasked to keep the robot alive for as long as possible. Letting it go too low or high will get it zapped by electric beams and you certainly wouldn’t like losing your best score. It will hence be essential to stay focused and play wisely. To boot, it will definitely help to set yourself a goal and slowly work your way up to finally get there. Good luck!


An arcade game that will challenge your kids’ developing brains

Fun Arcade Game

Have you been wondering what to do to actually keep your kids entertained this holiday? Think no more, we now have a great tool for everyone with an iOS device and it’s a mobile game that will deliver an arcade-themed gameplay. It was put together by Harissapp and it will cater for players’ need for platform-dashing thrills. Do note that the app has been developed for folks aged four and over. It will be so simple to learn that you will not even have to test it out before the little ones! To boot, you will also not have to stress about evil microtransactions! This application is definitely unlike any other and it will surely entertain.

Simple to learn, but hard game to master, try Electricity to find out!

Electricity App
Electricity App

For a game that will be simple to learn, you can now give Electricity a go! However, it will be wise to remember that the latter also comes with a challenge and it will be to reach the leaderboard’s top spot. This will seem hard to achieve as you start off, but with some practice and dedication, the task will actually ease down. Mastering the gameplay will only come with time and it will also help to devise your own strategy and put it at work as you get into daily platform-dashing rounds. Head to your local App Store for more details and to download the game for free!


A minimalist game for adults and kids who are into arcade-themed fun

Platform dashing

May you be male or female, young or old, Electricity is a minimalist game developed for anyone aged four and over to get stuck in. Endless thrills await and players will also get to enjoy the app anywhere and anytime. Do note that the gameplay will be all about dashing left or right and collecting tokens to score. It will be very simple to learn, but we give no guarantee when it comes to achieving full mastery! However, just like anything else, practice will help and the more rounds played, the better are one’s chances to make it to the top of the leaderboard.

Platform game: improve your skills through practice and patience

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With Electricity now installed on your tactile device, you will need to know that the only way to conquer the high score leaderboard is through practice! Considering that you will have the possibility to play unlimitedly, it will be wise to make the most out of your platform game. Also note that playing regularly will improve one’s skills. Indeed, one’s speed, reflexes, concentration and senses will all get better with time and patience. Wait no more, get stuck in to gradually notice the results of your efforts and determination. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and all the best while having fun!

Casual platform-dashing rounds: Electricity has it all!


For a casual game par excellence, we suggest that you consider the season’s coolest arcade app, Electricity. Through its platform-dashing rounds, players will get to entertain themselves on the go. The gameplay that will be on offer was developed to thrill users of all ages and it’s hence easy to learn. The in-built features will all be accessible for free and players will be able to use them all without having to unlock or pay. To boot, it doesn’t matter where you are situated in the world, you will be able to download this app on your iOS smartphone or tablet. Get it and have a blast!